Thursday, 1 March 2012


On Valentine's Day Ruth was 13 - a teenager!  She has grown up so much the past few years, it is a joy to see her flourishing.  She's coped so well with her diagnosis with Coeliac Disease, and change in diet, we're so proud of her. 

We arranged her presents into 13 parcels to make the day even more special.  It was an interesting mix of presents this year - some very grown up ones (Skull Candy headphones, Death Note books and Blu-rays), but she still likes toys, so she also had My Little Ponies and a Monster High Doll - Cupid of course since she's a Valnetine's baby.

We had lunch in our favourite Itatlian restaurant, Puccinni's who do amazing Gluten-free pizza.  This was the first year that any of us could remember, that Alex wasn't ill on Ruth's birthday, which meant that all of us could relax and enjoy it so much more.

For her birthday cake, she chose gluten-free Red Velvet Cupcakes - 13 of them and heart shaped of course!  

Apparently it was the best birthday ever :)

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