Thursday, 1 March 2012


It's been a long hard battle to find out what was wrong with Alex, and get him well again.  He started to struggle at school around the same time his health started deteriorating, around 4 years ago.  Now his health has recovered, he has finally been able to start catching up at school.

His latest report was a joy to behold - he has made the same amount of progress in the past 6 months, that he would normally be expected to make in a year.  He is now slightly above average for reading and literacy, and catching up fast in Maths.  He has been taken off the SEN (Special Educational Needs) register, and is now only 'M' (Being monitored).  His confidence in himself and his abilities continues to grow, and his teacher is so happy to see him making the progress that she knew he was capable of. 

All this time, it was Coeliac Disease that was holding him back in every aspect of his life.  Now we know and he is settled into his gluten-free diet, everything is turning around for him.  A year ago he was so ill and unhappy, it was heartbreaking to see.  Now he is happy, full of energy and doing well at school.  We couldn't be happier.

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