Friday, 9 December 2011

A Year in Review

 This year has been tough in so many ways.  Getting through it has been somewhat of a triumph.  I'm hoping and praying for an easier year ahead.  I took this photo yesterday to symbolise the hope I have.  Something about a rose bud opening its petals in an almost freezing garden in December spoke to me.

Yesterday it was a year since my Grandma died.  She had been very ill for a long time, and although it was a relief that she was no longer suffering, it was heartbreaking for all of us.  For Ruth and Alex, it was the first time they had lost someone close to them.
This photo of my Grandma and I was taken by my dear friend and wedding photographer Kirsty Wiseman at my wedding in May 2008.  It is one of the most precious to me of all the amazing photos she took that day. 

Then in February this year Alex got sick.  In agonising pain for months, he was convinced he was dying - had me worried I can tell you!  In May I was told I had degenerative arthritis in my wrist which would continue to get worse and was already causing a lot of pain and difficulty in doing things.  However this was eclipsed the following week when we were told that Alex's blood test had been positive for Coeliac Disease. Ruth was screened as a result, and in July we were told her blood test was positive too. A biopsy and endoscopy in August followed for Alex who was immediately told to start a gluten free diet as the damage to his small intestine was so extensive.  In October Ruth had her biopsy and endoscopy and was instructed to start a gluten free diet once the results came back.  Fortunately it was caught much earlier in Ruth, and the damage wasn't anywhere near as bad as with Alex, and she had few symptoms.

It has taken a long time to come to terms with everything, and to get used to the new diet.  But finally I think we're getting there.  I'm feeling positive for the first time in a long time.  Seeing the children doing so well is inspiring.

Just need to get to the bottom of these abdominal pains I'm having, but hoping CT scan on 21st will shed some light on the situation.  Hoping for positive news there too :)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Victorian Christmas Market

Yesterday I had a day out with my lovely friend Laura at the Worcester Victorian Christmas Market.  There were lots of lovely things to see and photograph.  Of course my favourites were the owls (no surprise there!) and carousel.  It was great to catch up with one of my best friends, and have a bit of time away from the sofa where I've spent most of the past 3 weeks.  

When my body lets me, photography is my main hobby.  If you'd like to see more of my photos, please have a look at my Flickr photostream  A lot of my photos involve dolls just to warn you though!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Check Ups

Today Ruth and Alex had their check ups with their paediatric consultant at the local hospital. Apart from the consultant running 50 minutes late it went rather well. Alex is growing and gaining weight inline with the percentile he's been on the past few months. Its possible that he may start a steeper increase as his body recovers, but the consultant is happy that he is going in the right direction now, after losing weight in the months leading to diagnosis. Everything is going so well with Alex that he doesn't need to go back for a year. He had to have a blood test, but its just to see if his iron levels are back to where they should be so he can stop his iron supplements. Ruth's weight has stayed the same, and she's grown 1/2 cm since October so he's happy with her progress too. Ruth will see him again in 4 months to see how she's doing, and to check her iron levels and blood count, and then 8 months from then so their appointments can be co-ordinated. So all in all a pretty positive consultation. Its good to know they're both recovering so well.