Monday, 8 August 2011

Endoscopies, Biopsies and Dietitians Oh My

So last week was super stressful. On Tuesday 2nd August, Alex had an appointment at Birmingham Children's Hospital for his endoscopy and biopsy. We had to leave home at 6am to ensure we made it in time for the 8am appointment. In actual fact we arrived at the hospital at 7.10am, before the staff arrived at the Medical Day Care Unit.

The staff were all wonderful, and Alex had a student nurse called Sabrina looking after him, who was a week away from graduation. He was taken down to theatre and put under General Anaesthetic at 9.30am. He was so good and brave. At 10.10am we were allowed to go with the nurses to recovery to fetch him. And by 10.30am he was eating Rice Crispies! He did so well. At 12.30 the consultant came to speak to us. They'd found duodenal ulcers during the biopsy, so had taken biopsies from there, the stomach and gullet as well as further into the small intestine. He is sending us a copy of his report once the biopsies have been looked at by the lab. If the ulcers are just caused by coeliac disease, we will carry on seeing Alex's consultant at the local hospital, and they should heal now he's on the gluten free diet. However, if its more complicated we'll be going up to see him at the children's hospital in a couple of weeks. Hoping and praying it is minor as the alternatives are frightening to say the least.

He also said he'd be seeing Ruth there soon when we mentioned that she'd had a positive blood test, so I guess she won't get to miss out on it after all. Probably best for her to get a comprehensive diagnosis though to put her mind at rest.

We saw the dietitian at Worcester on Thursday. She was lovely and very helpful and supportive. She's faxing through a prescription request to the GP so Alex can get some gluten free food asap. We started the gluten free diet that day, and Friday 5th was his first totally gluten free day.

So we're back to waiting again at the moment - for Alex's biopsy report, Ruth's biopsy appointment and Alex's prescription.