Friday, 29 July 2011

And Ruth too!

Well, Alex's consultant thought it would be a good idea for the rest of the family to get tested as there is a greater chance of having it if a close blood relative does. So a month ago, Ruth and I went to the GP and had our blood tests. I phoned every week to see if the results were back, and then 3 1/2 weeks later we got a phone call saying we needed to go in to discuss Ruth's results. So we knew they'd found something. Mine came back clear though, which was a surprise as I do have a lot of the symptoms.

So today we went and saw the GP, and Ruth's blood test came back positive. It was a surprise as she has had no symptoms. Better to find out now before she does though, rather than suffer for months before diagnosis like Alex.

Ruth is 12, and started High School a year ago, so as a more independent person will have to deal with having Coeliac Disease more herself, for example when going out with friends. Alex has an appointment with the dietitian next Thursday which the GP has said Ruth should attend too as she can ask her more about that kine of thing.

Alex has his biopsy at the Children's Hospital next Tuesday. The GP is hoping that because of the family history, she and the consultant can diagnose Ruth without the need for her having the biopsy too. The blood test doesn't give false positives, just false negatives apparently.

Now my husband just has to have his blood test. Potentially I could be the only member of the family who isn't coeliac! But since I do have symptoms I'll probably get gluten-free as well. Since at least half of the family are coeliac I think we'll all eat gluten-free most of the time.